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The Vokayan Sept originates from the period called the Uplift, when a collective of dragons came together to form the nation of Vokaya from the various tribes and clans north of the Rampart Mountains. The most basic texts of the Vokayan Sept were written by the Metal Dragons themselves, though they have been appended numerous times since then. Which is why it is so strange that, in its broad strokes, the Vokayan Sept is very similar to the Imperial one: souls exist to learn, and bring their knowledge to the Gods. Vokayans are just a bit more conservative on the powers of those Gods…and thus, the wars of a hundred generations between the Vokayagora Zemla and the Holy Falcon Empire are explained.

Beliefs and Ethics

The Vokayan Sept teaches that life was create in order to seek knowledge, and bring order to the universe. Both of these efforts manifest in both the divine and terrestrial realms: knowledge gained must be recorded for the world while alive, and recited to the Gods once dead. Order must be maintained while alive through honesty, lawfulness, and tranquility, and while dead, it can be found in obedience to the Gods as their divine servants.

Figuring out one’s place in this paradigm is not easy. There aren’t any firm guidelines about what wisdom the individual is to seek, or how it should be shared. Sometimes, sharing knowledge with the world openly can cause a loss of order. On the flip side of that coin, lawfulness can sometimes limit the freedom the ability of the individual to seek out the wisdom they believe is their purpose to find. And order itself can prove a contradiction: there is order in peace, but there is also order in honesty. And one cannot learn, cannot be honest, cannot be tranquil, and cannot be wise, if one is dead.

The general answer to this question is: do the best you can. Apply what you know, and use what power you have to create a world that knows peace and freedom. When you die, you’ll know how well you did. Until then, seek always the higher path.

Most terrifying—and most liberating—of all the aspects of the Vokayan Sept is the role of the Gods. The Gods created life, and they create each soul, hoping for that soul to achieve a greater purpose. But, once let loose into the world, the Gods have almost no power to change one’s destiny. They set forth ideals and teachings, but not even the Gods know the future, and they may not even know what’s best. According to the Vokayan Sept, we’re all muddling it all out together, Gods, Dragons, and mortals alike.

It is this clause that makes the Vokayan Sept—and the country of Vokaya as a whole—seem so secular. It is also why the Vokayan Sept, despite being the state religion of arguably the most powerful nation in the world, is so unpopular, even among its own people. If not even the Gods can save you, what use is praying to them for guidance?

It is also the cause of a great deal of insufferable sniggering from Elves while in other countries, whenever the—highly sensitive—subject of worship comes up.


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Vokayan Sept

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