Topography of the Holy Falcon Empire

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The Steppelands

The northern hills that border Vokaya are really the lower reaches of the Rampart Mountains, but they stretch for over a hundred miles south. Chiefly, these hills consist of deep forests and isolated valleys, though the physical isolation from the rest of the Holy Falcon Empire has allowed for the culture of the Steppelands to preserve much greater resemblance to the kingdoms of antiquity.

The Middle Reaches

This flat, heavily-farmed region was one of the first to be conquered by the Holy Falcon Empire. Right across the Great River from the city of Messerford, the Middle Reaches is a conflux of nearly all the major roads in the Empire, and is the key to all the cities of the East. At the same time, it also has some roads that lead deep into the Totenwald forest to the south, as well as the Steppelander city of Port Anchor to the north.

The central location of the city of Mittenberg makes it a major trade hub for interactions between the various provinces. It also make it one of the most heavily contested regions in the Empire, and if there was ever an invasion, the Middle Reaches would be a keystone on which the Empire rested.


The high, rocky region of Hochland is one of the most culturally Imperial provinces in the Holy Falcon Empire. Wide open land, almost entirely flat, but with hard earth that makes it difficult to farm, Hochland has been a province of herders and riders for generations. The Holy Falcon Empire conquered this expansive territory centuries ago, and it is difficult to find where the Imperial culture ends and the Hochlander begins.


The northeastern coast of the Holy Falcon Empire, Ostland is separated from Hochland by lakes, rivers, and the Longrim Swamp to the north. The rest of the country itself is universally wetter, with enough rain to match the Storm Isles not far to the east. The intense water supply means that this region is almost as heavily farmed as Drakenheim and the Middle Reaches.

The Totenwald

The deep forests to the southeast of Hauptstadt are ancient and nearly as wild as the Shiverspines further south. There are people that live buried in between the trees of these woods, but they are nearly as wild as the region in which they live. The Totenwalders are technically Imperial, and they follow their own strange version of the Imperial Sept…but even the Most Holy Order of the Radiant Falcon has been unable to purge their heresies. In the modern era, the Totenwald has become one of the most powerful Imperial provinces, as they remained entirely isolated during the Neverwar.

Topography of the Holy Falcon Empire

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