The Silent

This is a small group of varied individuals dedicated to the hunting of Demons in the city of Bastion. They remain secret and in the shadows, for fear that the outside will find them madmen and throw them in prison, or that the Demons themselves would discover their intentions and hunt them in turn. While they are few in number, they are fiercely loyal to one another, and remain a tight and dedicated group.

At present, you are counted among them.


From what Nadia and others have told you, it began when Ivan Vlasi arrived in Bastion, having been sent here by King Merik to found an organization of dedicated demon hunters similar to the Glass Ghosts. When Ivan stepped off the boat, he immediately detected the influence of Demons in the region, and began recruiting membership from among those he could trust. A charismatic man, in the last four months Ivan has gathered twenty two individuals, and has instilled a sense of purpose and duty among even the least reliable among them. Their task is a dangerous one, however, and it brings with it casualties: seven members have died so far, after only a few engagements.

Your membership brings the count up to nineteen.


The explicit goal of the Silent is to hunt Demons. However, there is some nuance in that field where things get more complicated.

Accumulate Knowledge and Resources

Initially, Ivan was directing efforts to collecting resources (such as glass weapons, intelligence, books, and disposable resources like holy water or spell scrolls). This is an ongoing search, and two or three members are regularly out searching for knowledge of Demons or new tools that can be used to destroy them. To this end, every member of the Silent carries the constant instruction to seek out resources to aid them in their task, so they can be complied.

Maintain Secrecy

The Silent is small, and embarking on a nearly impossible task. If the Demons (or their servants among the people of Bastion) became fully aware of them and their base of operations, then the Silent would be eliminated almost overnight. More important than anything else is ensuring that their enemy remains unable to pin them down.


There is a loose chain of command among the Silent, though most members hold some particular knack or expertise on which they are proficient, and many defer to someone with a greater understanding rather than assume some kind of officer/soldier relationship.
That said, some clearly have great influence over the others, either by merit of experience, competence, or resources.

At the top of the chain of command is Ivan Vlasi himself. Considered to have the most experience dealing with Demons and the brightest tactician, he leads the organization he founded from a room filled with maps and tools. He rarely goes out on missions, almost never on dangerous ones, since if he were to die, the Silent could easily die with him.

Second to him are two women, Nadia and Frieda.
Nadia serves as a military leader, usually leading missions involving direct confrontation with the enemy.
Frieda manages the money and resources of the Silent, working with some of the more mercantile members to obtain additional equipment. The Silent’s base of operations was hers before Ivan moved in.

Below that, there are basically three branches.

The first and most important is the fighters. There are ten in total: Nadia, Hannah, Devrim, Jason and Elanor, Oskar, and Nemo. They are the ones usually called upon to fight the Demons when they appear, and they are the ones best equipped and trained to fight. In the field, they are led either by Nadia or Devrim.

The second group is the merchants. They maintain a cash flow into the organization, and when profitable resources are deemed unnecessary, these merchants can put them out on the market to recoup of the losses. They also have their eyes out for tools or books that Ivan might be able to make use of. There are four merchants: Argos and Panthea, Andrew, and Frieda. Of them, only Argos is any good in a fight, so they usually try to avoid trouble when it appears.

The third group is just one man: Eli. He manages the black market, and is one of the best eyes and ears for the Silent. He spends most of his time brokering information, when he’s not buying any glass he can get his hands on. Eli is responsible for the Silent’s intelligence.

In the last two weeks, a forth group has jokingly been added: the political branch, responsible for gathering allies and information among the upper classes. There are four members in this group: Ariadne, Luka, Osamu, and Aslan. You are the most highly placed agents in both the guard and the upper districts, and have become useful assets already.

Lifestyle and Reputation

Most members of the Silent live in the mansion that is their base. They don’t exactly have servants, but they have money enough to feed themselves and often do odd jobs around the house to keep it clean and in good repair. Others are too busy (or feel overly confined, sitting around all day) to stick around, and live in their own homes in order to conduct their business.

On some rare occasions, when a fellow member of the Silent needs help beyond the strict mission of killing demons, others in one group or another will come to their aid. Between these events and Eli’s cunning but unusual activities in the underworld, knowledge of the organization is beginning to spread. Quietly, slowly, but Ivan’s name is on more than Silent lips, particularly due to his early recruiting efforts. Bastion is becoming aware of the Silent—despite their best efforts—and it is only a matter of time before it percolates up from the underworld into the bright of day.

The Silent

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