The Endless Desert

Mountainous desert

The Endless Desert is a massive, thousand-mile wasteland that stretches across two thirds of the southern half of the continent. It is an immensely dangerous place, due to the presence of both harsh conditions, sandstorms, horrifying monsters, Orcs, and Halflings. It is a wasteland, and the stories surrounding it venture into myth.


The outer edges of the Endless Desert are sandy, sometimes craggy canyons and plateaus, more often simple empty dunes for miles.
What lies beyond the outskirts of the Endless Desert is a matter of conjecture, and all that is known is what the Halflings are willing to tell of it: there is sand, and rocks, and heat for as far as the eye can see.

The City of Light

Halflings tell of a city in the middle of the desert. It is their Holy charge, the only reason they remain in the desert and kill all who enter. Its true nature, or if it even exists at all, is a mystery.

People of the Desert

Despite what most people (and most Halflings) will tell you, there are three kinds of people in the Endless Desert.
First, there are the Halflings themselves. They make up the majority of the population, as evidenced by their frustrating near-omnipresence once a person penetrates far enough into the dunes. Such a person generally only discovers said omnipresence when they realize there are several arrows protruding from their chest, their leg has been removed by a giant domesticated lizard, or there is suddenly a sword interposing their head and their torso.

But other than Halflings, there are also the coverts of Tyr Aenor. They can be anyone who submits to the Halfling god, though the Halflings see this more as someone doing them a kind favor than actually accepting that person as one of them. Even though converts often live in the Halfling settlements, only Halflings are allowed to go on pilgrimage to the City of Light.

Lastly, there are the Orcs. Desert Orcs are those who found suitable places to live in the Endless Desert, and decided to set up shop rather than continue the Exile March. The Halflings do not always permit them to continue to live, which just goes to show that Orcs are incredibly persistent. And impossibly tough.

The Endless Desert

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