The Dunvales Conclave

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The Dunvales Conclave is a collection of valleys geographically separated from the heartland of the Empire by the Dunwall Mountains. For many centuries, they have stubbornly held to their own ancient beliefs, despite repeated efforts to eradicate them by the Paladin Orders. Rebellious at heart, when the Demon Empress restructured the now-Shattered Empire, the Dunvales began plotting their revolution. When she marched on Vokaya, the Dunvales marched on their neighbors.

In the two years since then, the Dunvales have become a powerful military state, and has been winning battle after battle against the holdings of the Falcon Empire and the Blessed League on their side of the Great River. Internally, however, the transition from client state to sovereign nation has been a rough one: religious and political struggles are threatening to weaken the foundations of the new country to the point of collapse.


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General topography of the Dunvales and the Dunwall Mountains, as well as the five great valleys that define the region.

Points of Interest

Places and cities in the Dunvales.

Vales and Cities

Listed from east to west:


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The Conclave and other government structures of the Dunvales.

Social Classes

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The people and social classes of the Dunvales.


A breakdown of the religious beliefs of the Dunvales.

Cult of Balor 44%
Orthodox Imperial Sept 40%
Reformation Imperial Sept 11%
Agnostic/Other 3%
Vokayan Sept 2%

The Dunvales Conclave

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