The Dark Age

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[4000 DA – 0 AT]: The Dragon Age
[0 AT – ~500 AT]: The Age of Man
[422 AT – 620 AT]: The Uplift
[538 AT – 901 AT]: The Unification
[650 AT – 700 AT]: The Orcish Exile
[699 AT – 800 AT]: The Iron Rebellion
[800 AT – 1209 AT]: The Golden Age
[1209 AT – 1212 AT]: The Neverwar
[1212 AT – Present]: Aftermath of the Neverwar

[1212 AT – Present]

This is where we stand now. It has been two years since the end of the Neverwar, and things are, if anything, even less stable than when the war ended.
The Empire is tearing itself apart, having lost its Royal line and with no agreement as to how a country should be run. Vokaya is a country filled with invaders, each trying to carve out a piece of the mountains to form their own kingdoms, and Vokaya’s own army has no power left to repel them. The Neck is overwhelmed by northerners fleeing the chaos and is pressed by their financial debt to Vokaya itself. And with the instability in the Empire, Atur is beginning a campaign of enslavement for refugees found in their ports and on the open sea, with greedy eyes locked on Eastmarch.

There are some pretty nasty things that happen during this period before things start to get better. Like, a lot of stuff. But you don’t know any of that stuff yet. Hell, maybe you’ll cause some of it. Better yet, maybe you’ll prevent some of it. But regardless, you’re going to be living it.

You’ve got a long way to go.

The Dark Age

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