Regius Novum

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The Regius Novum is a conglomerate of nine kingdoms, each laying claim to a portion of the Storm Isles. These kingdoms are supported, at least in part, by the Vokayagora Zemla, and while their internal strife is being dealt with on a local level, Vokayan military interests have weighed heavily on the minds of the lords and ladies that currently rule there.


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The climate and landscapes of the Storm Isles.


The major islands of the Regius Novum (and some of their colloquial names), as well as the larger cities that sit upon them.

  • Ekkis
    • Evigahem: 31,280
  • Harkinsel
    • Stormhaven: 10,000
  • Weisfelsinland (Whitecliff)
  • Leersland
  • Aldorf
  • Blutstein
  • Geldinsel
    • Geldenberg: 25,000
  • Regrenischeninsel (Rainhearth)
  • Rudgard
    • Southcrest: 8,100


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The government of the Regius Novum.

Social Classes

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The various cultural influences on the Regius Novum.


A breakdown of the religious beliefs of the Regius Novum.

Orthodox Imperial Sept %30
Reformation Imperial Sept %22
Dragon Cults %19
Vokayan Sept %14
Dulnite %5

Regius Novum

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