Circlet of Mental Fortitude

A small band of silver, which protects the wearer against magical mind control


+2 to Will Saves to resist Enchantment spells.
In addition, if the character should fail their Will save and fall under the sway of mental domination, as an immediate action they may expend one of the circlet’s charges to re-roll their save. They can perform this action even if they received a new will save that turn from another source, such as an offensive or suicidal command.

Circlets of Mental Fortitude are created with ten charges. If these charges are expended, the circlet retains its other magical properties, but can no longer grant new will saves.

The components required to build the Circlet of Mental Fortitude cost 3 gp (in converted Aturan Gilder).


Circlet of Mental Fortitude

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