Alsara: Requiem and Revolution

The first night

Aslan Harith – 1213

I arrived at Bastion, sore and tired, but excited to be off the boat at last. I was quickly directed by a man on the dock to a small group of people, several thuggish looking types punctuated by a well dressed elf who was scarred on her head. I was told she would lead us to a harbormaster, who was to keep track of the unusual folk getting off of the boat. She seemed a bit clumsy and new here as well, and led us into an alley where we promptly were robbed. Thankfully a large dragonkin with green scaly skin fended off (that might be too light, pummeled?) our attackers while the elf used magics I didn’t recognize to leap arround the battlefield and blind people.

After our exciting incident in the alley, we made our way to the harbormasters office and filled out information so they could keep track of us. The wait was a bit mind numbing, but it let me get my bearings in Bastion a bit more. Afterward, we set off for an inn called the rusty anchor. Our group now consisted of myself, the elf, and the dragonkin, plus one of the sailors on the boat (who I recognized as a rower).

Arriving there, the innkeeper charged us an exorbitant price of 2 silver for a meal and room. Feeling the mortality of my purse, I settled down in the busy inn with a bowl of stew and ate with the group. I ate hungrily, having felt emptied since the alley.

Over the top of my bowl I noticed someone walking up to our table, and my breath caught when they drew a knife. Snapping my arm, I threw the closest thing next to me, my bowl of stew. It hit the man in the forehead with a hard thump, and as he fell I recognized him as one of the men who attempted to mug us in the alleyway.

The dragonkin stood up, and turning he hit another man who was in the alley, knocking him into a table. The commotion strained the room (filled with semi-drunk sailors), and quieted the conversation. The elf stood and threw her bowl as well, hitting some of the sailors, and provoked the bar fight that was waiting to happen.

During the action, I got stabbed, and killed one of the men we met from the alley. Sitting under the table breathing what I figured were my last breaths, I was healed by magic for the first time in my life. It was one of my more dramatic evenings. I managed to meet with the other two and get outside of the inn. However, we still had to recover our travelling packs.

I made a frantic climb up to our rooms as the guard fills the inn, and got my once broken body to scramble out of the inn (diving out the window) with our gear. We quickly ran off from the inn, climbed on to a rooftop, and spent the night there. I noticed the dragonkin still held his stew, and I was hungry.


Serathen Davis_Standley

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