Tyr Kapa

The southernmost city in Atur, right on the edge of the Endless Desert, lies Tyr Kapa. The city is small compared to most others on the Great River, but it has a very important purpose. This city is the only place in the world that the Halflings are known to trade with outsiders.

This makes the city something of a curiosity. It is heavily defended against possible attackers, but few people live there. A small circle of walls holding perhaps 10,000 non-halflings, with nearly a quarter committed to defense. Why so paranoid? Occasional armies of Desert Orcs will emerge from the desert, attempting to cut the Halflings off from civilization, as well as steal the military supplies that are the city’s most popular trade good.

The city makes a brisk trade, otherwise. Many will ship their goods down to Tyr Kapa and set up shop for a few weeks. Halflings will often sell whatever items they have pulled off the corpses of those stupid enough to wander into the desert or get swept too far down the Great River, and they buy advanced weapons and armor for very reasonable prices at a highly reliable rate. The people of Tyr Kapa are well-fed and contented, making the endeavor worth the costs.

Recent History

In the year of 1207 AT, three years prior to the Neverwar, the city was annihilated by an army of the undead. There were no survivors. Even the city itself was badly damaged, despite the massive and nearly invincible fortifications. It has been very slow to recover; there would be no rebuilding at all if not for the influence of the halflings, and the changes to The Adherent faith.

Tyr Kapa

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