The Vokayagora Zemla

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Vokaya is the country farthest north in the world, occupying the cold, tall mountains looming over the Imperial Plains. Until very recently it was also the wealthiest and most advanced country in the North, though that came with a powerful stratification of social classes. The Neverwar has been hard on Vokaya, and the country is in dire straits now.


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The geography and general landscape of the mountainous North.


The cities—both past and present—and other points of interest in Vokaya.

Large Cities
Small Cities
  • Brittlestone, 41,000
  • Kolpiskos, 28,400
  • Sidnigrad, 18,400
  • Vostokskal, 12,000


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The government of the Vokayagora Zemla, its military structure, and details of the Contests.

Social Classes

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The social strata of the citizens and denizens of Vokaya and her territories.


A breakdown of the religious beliefs of Vokaya, not including her territories.

Vokayan Sept 41%
Tribal Deities 24%
Cult of Hellana 16%
Orthodox Imperial Sept 9%
Other Dragon Cults 7%
Reformation Imperial Sept 2%
Dulnite < 1%

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