The Neck

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The Neck is a range of rough territory that stretches from the Blackwood Swamp to the northern reaches of Atur. It had only been sparsely populated for centuries, until the Orcish Exile brought the region under sharp scrutiny. It became heavily militarized back then, with Imperial influences constructing towers and forts all across the more habitable areas, to try and control and exterminate the Orcish presence.
Those fortifications would prove only marginally useful in keeping out Vokaya. The northern empire marched in from the eastern coast and conquered every inch of land they could touch, and while it didn’t reach far into the mountains it did cover all the territory previously claimed by the Holy Falcon Empire. While the Shiverspines to the south and the Blackwood to the north both remain largely neutral, the Neck is very much a Vokayan colony these days. Those who live there now call it Laimos.


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The geography and climate of Laimos.

Points of Interest

The cities and other interesting locations in the Neck.



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The government of the Neck, and how it differs from Vokaya.

Social Classes

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Social strata of the Neck, both in Bastion and around it.


A breakdown of the religious beliefs of the people of Laimos.

Vokayan Sept 38%
Orthodox Imperial Sept 20%
Orcish Shamanism 12%
Dulnite 9%
Reformation Imperial Sept 8%
Cult of Hellana 5%
Other Dragon Cults 4%
Church of Balor <1%

The Neck

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