The Holy Falcon Empire

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In the wake of the Demon Empress, the Empire has been split asunder, both by ideology and by faith. To the East and the North, controlling most of the Steppelands, Hochland, Ostland, Mittelland, and the Totenwald, is the Holy Falcon Empire.
The Falcon Empire is ruled by a joint council of noble advisers, who in turn serve the young Emperor Linus Friedhold until he comes of age. The government of the Holy Falcon Empire closely resembles that of the Empire as it was before the Reformation.

There are many reasons people side with the Holy Falcon Empire. Nobles disaffected during the Reformation, stripped of their lands and titles by the Demon Empress, have every reason to side with the Falcon Empire’s young Emperor. The Falcon Empire makes claim to its title due to its hardline enforcement of the Orthodox Imperial Sept, and anyone uncomfortable with the new Reformation beliefs will find solace in the east. The Falconers Paladins have made their allegiance known, and the Falcon Empire is uses this decision to legitimize their actions to the people.
Those who favor stability and a return to the old ways will usually favor the Holy Falcon Empire. Such people usually have something to gain by it.


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The geography of the parts of the Imperial Plains controlled by the Holy Falcon Empire.

Points of Interest

The cities and other important places in the Holy Falcon Empire.

  • Seighafen: 76,800
  • Hochland: 66,100
  • Holzhafen: 38,400
  • Coraz√≥n del Bosque: 30,720
  • Mittleberg: 21,500
  • Kingsrock: 12,900
  • Eisenstadt: 9,000
  • Poca Madera: 8,100


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The government of the Empire, both past and present.

Social Classes

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The social strata and configuration of the Empire, both past and present.


A breakdown of the religious beliefs of the Holy Falcon Empire.

Orthodox Imperial Sept 74%
Reformation Imperial Sept 23%
Vokayan Sept 1%
Dragon Cults 1%
Dulnite < 1%

The Holy Falcon Empire

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