The Empire

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Once called the Holy Falcon Empire, this is a massive nation built of many smaller ones. It experienced a period of explosive and violent expansion during a period it calls The Unification, and during this time absorbed many lesser kingdoms. It has had to live with itself for the past 400 years without growth, however, and the stagnancy has been extremely hard on the country.

During The Neverwar the Empire was completely upended by the Demon Empress, and her death has destabilized the area even further. Where there was once a single massive nation, ruling all the lowlands from the Steppes of the north and Blackwood Swamp to the south, stretching from coast to coast.
Now, it has been split into five parts, only one still calling itself an Empire. The lands once ruled by the Friedhold Dynasty had become the Shattered Empire, and it is now in a period that scholars are calling the Interregnum.


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The geography and terrain of the region once occupied by the Shattered Empire.


The nations that occupy the Imperial Plains.


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The government of the Shattered Empire, before the Interregnum.

Social Classes

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The social classes and lifestyle of the Imperial citizens before the Interregnum, as well as the citizens of The Holy Empire of the Radiant Falcon.


How the people and government of the Shattered Empire thought of other nations, before the Interregnum.


Vokaya has been the enemy of the Empire since they ended the Unification. While there were decades of peace and cooperation between them during The Golden Age, such times are long forgotten now.

As for The Neck, the Empire hated—and its pieces continue to hate—that it exists. The Neck was mostly founded in order to curb Imperial power, and the children of the Shattered Empire are slow to forget. The biggest problem, however, is that they cannot remove it. Bastion is next to invincible, and Whiteshore would probably continue to do exactly what it was already doing, even if it did belong to one of the Imperial nations.

The Sultunate

The Empire and The Aturan Sultanate did not always get along. There had been a number of wars between them, but the Empire had a great deal of difficulty due to the presence of the Neck separating the two powers. While the Empire’s navy is traditionally the stronger of the two, Atur is a complicated country to invade. Most of the time it is far more preferable to trade with them, as they have a wealth of supplies and raw materials that the Imperial powers that be would like to buy.

The Empire

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