The Blessed League

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Upon the death of the Empress Amelia I—called the Demon Empress by Vokaya—a massive power vacuum opened up in the Holy Falcon Empire. At the same time, there was a religious schism dividing the Imperial Sept. Both of these events conspired to split the Falcon Empire into many parts, each disagreeing on one or both details.

The Blessed League is the western half of the Imperial Plains; though it is flanked from the north by the Steppelands under the control of the Holy Falcon Empire, and to the south by the Dunvales Conclave. It is fighting three wars at once, and while it loses ground in one place, it gains it in another.

In truth, the Blessed League could be crushed out of existence or rise to total prominence at nearly any time. It relies on massive popular support, and it gains it en masse as a result of the League’s founder: Alexander d’Tunis, Empress Amelia’s older brother. If he were to die, or to lose the favor of the people, the League would crumble.


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The geographical features of the Blessed League.

Client States

The members of the Blessed League

Large Members
Small Members
  • City of Schernwald, 16,600
  • City of Messerford, 37,100
  • City of Meerhafen, 28,400


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The government of the Blessed League.

Social Classes

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The people and social structure of the Blessed League.


A breakdown of the religious beliefs of the Blessed League.

Reformation Imperial Sept 62%
Orthodox Imperial Sept 27%
Dragon Cults 6%
Vokayan Sept 4%
Dulnite < 1%

The Blessed League

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