The Aturan Sultanate

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Straddling the Great River and stretching coast to coast from just south of The Neck all the way to The Endless Desert, the Aturan Sultanate (also called Atur) is a land of fierce dichotomies, with the world’s largest percentage population living in squalid conditions, as well as the world’s wealthiest individuals.
It is a highly mercantile country, famous for the quality of its metal, stone, and mercenaries. A huge number of rare luxury goods, from spices to ivory, can be found in Atur, and the country’s exports have made its merchant lords very, very rich. For the less-than-ultra-rich, quality of life rapidly degrades.


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The geography and general climate of the Aturan Sultanate


  • Altun Sahir (Capital): 182,400
  • Yishil Sahir: 109,440
  • Batiya Sahir: 67,200
  • Sardah: 34,600
  • Chelik Sahir: 27,680
  • Irmak Sahir: 19,380
  • Anyalar: 15,400
  • Tyr Kapa: 9,690
  • Vadi Kalis: 8,100


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The golden rule of Atur.

Social Classes

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The citizens, slaves, and Merchant Lords of the Aturan Sultanate.


A breakdown of the religious beliefs of Atur.

Dulnite 79%
Orthodox Imperial Sept 20%
Reformation Imperial Sept 3%
Vokayan Sept 2%
Agnostic < 1%

The Aturan Sultanate

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