Other Faiths

These are religions that, for one reason or another, do not worship all seven gods, or even no gods at all.

Cult of Darkness

Title N/A
Totem Darkness
Portfolio Void, Death, Destruction, Unmaking, Chaos, Madness
Typical Worshippers The desperate and the deranged
Worshipper Alignment Chaotic Evil
Domains Madness, Void, Evil, Darkness
Subdomains Loss, Demon, Insanity, Nightmare, Dark Tapestry
Favored Weapon War Chain
Favored Animal(s) N/A

This is a loose but pervasive affiliation of people who worship something they do not fully understand. Not all Void Cults are connected, and many do not even know each other exist. Even when separated by time and space, however, Cults of Darkness have an eerie tendency to be surprisingly similar in their execution: always they covet darkness, always they are insane and dangerous, and always they have power. Where this power comes from, if not the gods, is unknown. All that really matters, in the end, is that they exist to destroy, and they are a threat to everyone and everything. Even if we don’t know how.

Other Faiths

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