Master Adrian Deimos

A bizarre and eccentric individual, Adrian Deimos is also the Commander-Provost of the Neck, and master of the Topos Mathesis. An acclaimed sorcerer of considerable talent, Adrian is loved by his pupils and the fellow faculty in his institute of learning, and hated by most other government officials that must deal with him.

During the Bastion Conspiracy, Adrian became a target of Corban Galanis by holding huge sway over the Magos, and being a terribly competent mage in his own right. While his politics were neutral on the subject of Bastion’s secession, he was too much of a risk, and an attempt was made on his life. If not for the actions of Aslan, Luka, and Ariadne, he would have been slain; however, they had been aware of the attack, and were prepared.

Adrian then went into hiding to protect his life, where he met Iona Hanas and they began their flirtatious affair. Despite her company, Adrian became frustrated with hiding while Bastion suffered, and upon the outbreak of undead plague he insisted on aiding the Grand Marshal in her efforts against Corban Galanis and the Serpent Guard.

He survived the Conspiracy, and continues his work training the next generation of Magi. He also continues his romance with Iona Hanas, though how far that will go is anyone’s guess.

Master Adrian Deimos

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