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From North to South:

The world of Alsara is primarily a single continent surrounded by oceans, with a large river running down the center.

The northern tip of the continent is a flat and icy plain, stretching to a frozen coastline. This space is completely unoccupied.

South of that plain, there is a massive trio of mountain ranges, spaced with deep valleys. These mountains are sometimes low as hills near the coast, and are tall enough to be perpetually shrouded in snow in the northern reaches. These mountains and valleys are the domain of The Vokayagora Zemla.

South of the mountains are cold and hilly forests, which then open out to fertile plains for hundreds of miles. These plains are the heart of what was once the The Holy Falcon Empire, though now they belong to the once-proud Empire’s many warring remnants.

South of the plains is a swampy region stretching from coast to coast. It is called the Blackwood. It is nearly uninhabited, and is claimed, and claimable, by no-one.

South of the swamp is a thick strip of mountains, with forested valleys and plains interlaced between. This place is called the Neck, though the people who live in it call their homes Laimos. It is a colonial province of Vokaya.

South of that is a huge savanna, which shift to craggy desert after passing over a series of plateaus and mountains. All land south of Laimos has been claimed by The Aturan Sultanate.

Deep past the Sultanate, however, is a huge and mostly unknown desert. While the Sultan may make claim over parts of it, this realm is the domain of the halflings, and nobody dares to oppose them. It is known as The Endless Desert.

It is said that, south of the desert, there is another land. When it is called anything, it is called The Barbarian South. Of it, next to nothing is known beyond legend and folklore.


[4000 DA – 0 AT]: The Dragon Age
[0 AT – ~500 AT]: The Age of Man
[422 AT – 620 AT]: The Uplift
[538 AT – 901 AT]: The Unification
[650 AT – 700 AT]: The Orcish Exile
[699 AT – 800 AT]: The Iron Rebellion
[800 AT – 1209 AT]: The Golden Age
[1209 AT – 1212 AT]: The Neverwar
[1212 AT – Present]: Aftermath of the Neverwar

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