Lord Lysander Hanno

Lysander is the current Master Emissary of the Vokayagora Zemla, putting him in command of the Dragon’s Teeth: the elite special forces and spies of Vokaya. He was a survivor of the Battle of Cascade Fortress, which, despite the fact he has held his position for only six years, now actually places him as one of the more senior members of the Vokayan Consulate.

His experience in the role of Master Emissary stretches back further, however. His grandmother, mother, and elder brother have also served as Master Emissaries in their times, leaving the Hanno family disturbingly similar to House Serendi in their ability to retain power within the family. Lysander himself has learned a great deal about the family business while he was growing up, and has served quite well.

Lysander himself led the purge of the Black Web from the Dragon’s Teeth in the year leading up to the Neverwar with the help of his mother, Doria. The investigation severely hampered the Vokayan spy network, which was nearly crippled by the witch hunts in the Empire.

In the end, the Dragon’s Teeth possesses but a shadow of its former power. Fortunately, their role has been supplemented by the formation of the Glass Ghosts. Unfortunately for Lysander, the Ghosts do not answer to him.

Lord Lysander Hanno

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