Lidiya Serendi

The only surviving blood descendent of Merik Serendi Rex, Lidiya Serendi is the current heir to the Dragonwing Throne. In life she had been something of a debutante, with little interest in politics and government. She was most famous for three things: her devotion to the arts, her skill at producing scandal, and, of all things, her sexual orientation. Lidiya was openly homosexual, even going so far as to become engaged to marry to another woman. The courts of Vokaya simply did not know what to do with her, but, due to Merik’s support none could actively oppose her, so most pretended she did not exist. In the year prior to the rise of Empress Amelia, Lidiya had even begun to become popular among the younger generation.

This did not last through the Neverwar. With the deaths of her brothers Petyr and Michail, Lidiya has become the heir to Merik Serendi Rex, with all of the weight of that responsibility. At her father’s insistence she has become a primary functionary in many aspects of diplomacy and government; a demand that has taxed her terribly, and she has done little to conceal the trauma of it. To make matters worse, her fiancĂ©e was also killed during the Battle of Cascade Fortress, and has left her without a partner. Because of the danger to the Serendi bloodline, all of her future suitors will likely be male, despite her preferences otherwise.

Regardless of her circumstances, she has displayed much of the poise and adaptability that the Serendi are known for. Perhaps, in time, she will grow to accept her life.

Aslan and Luka met Princess Lidiya on her way to negotiate for Bastion’s aid to Vokaya, saving her and her company from Serpent Guard assassins. Princess Natalia proved that such added protection was, perhaps, unnecessary, but they were both grateful to the protagonists for their assistance regardless.

They were threatened and protected once again during the climax of the Bastion Conspiracy.

Lidiya Serendi

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