There are a number of languages spoken in the world, and each with its own little quirks and technicalities.

  • High Vokayan
    • Low Vokayan
  • Imperial
    • Trade
    • Valder
    • Steppelander
  • Dunvaler
  • Firetongue
  • White Orcish
    • Black Orcish
  • True Draconic
    • Arcanum Draconic
  • Tyric
    • Abyssal


This language is spoken by most of the world. It is a strange mix of the Imperial dialects, with bits and pieces of all the other languages thrown in for good measure. It was spawned naturally in the mixing pot of The Empire and The Great River, and most people speak at least a little bit of Trade.
The closest approximation is English. Written Trade is fundamentally identical to Imperial, and thus it has no alphabet.

High Vokayan

In the Seven Cities, they speak a language that mixed their ancient heritage and the language of the Dragons. It was mostly created during the Uplift, but spread quickly. It is now spoken by all citizens of The Vokayagora Zemla and The Neck, as well as numerous other places, but in all of them it shares company with older tongues.
The closest approximation is Greek. It uses a modified version of the Draconic alphabet.

Low Vokayan

Before there were the Seven Cities, the people of the Vokayagora spoke their own tongues. This language is considered by modern Vokayans to be barbaric and quaint, but also traditional and weighty. It is still used by some city Elves, and many names of people or places are taken from this language. It is commonly spoken by the tribal Elves.
The closest approximation is Russian. It has its own alphabet.


This old language was used by the northern kingdoms before they signed the Pact of Unification with The Empire. It is spoken still among the peasantry, and it becomes more and more common the farther one gets from the Great River. Many people and places in the Steppelands are named in this language.
The closest approximation is Swedish and Icelandic. It has two alphabets: Ancient Steppelander uses a series of runes, while modern Steppelander uses a modified Imperial alphabet.


Spoken by the people of Sanctuary and soon many others to follow, Imperial is the second most common language in the North, standing only after Trade. It is spoken by the nobility of the Empire, as well as most of the Imperial citizenry. After that, it is spoken nearly everywhere, since everyone has to deal with the Empire.
The closest approximation is German. It has its own alphabet.


The southeastern shores of the Empire are littered with islands, which are cumulatively referred to as the Eastmarch. The people there were already quite well established before the Empire came along, but were forced to sign the Pact of Unification. Still, on their islands, their native language is spoken quite frequently, even by the nobility. Beyond the Eastmarch, however, there are very few who bother with the tongue. The exceptions are Whiteshore and Deniz Izle, where it is spoken rarely instead of never.
The closest approximation is Dutch. It has no native alphabet, but it can be recorded phonetically in the Imperial alphabet.


The Aturan Sultanate speaks Firetongue, a language ironically named such in Trade. There was little competition for what to speak, and as such this language out-dates both Imperial and High Vokayan. Everyone in Atur, from the Sultan to the lowest beggar, speaks Firetongue, often to the exclusion of all else. Aturans near the Great River often also speak a little Trade.
The closest approximation is Turkish. It has its own alphabet, with some similarities to Draconic.


The language of Halflings, Tyric is rarely spoken outside The Endless Desert. The Halflings claim it originates from Tyr Aenor himself; regardless of such a claim, it is ancient to say the very least.
The closest approximation is Arabic. It has its own alphabet.


Orcs brought this language up from the South, and often it is taught in order to preserve their traditions. Few beyond the Orcs actually care to know it, however, and only in Okesh Mosir is it the common tongue.
The closest approximation is Japanese. It has its own alphabet.


This is the language of the Dragons. It was rarely taught to any of their subjects, and no translations existed for their writings until The Uplift and Unification. Now, it is only known to those who carry what little was learned by their ancestors, and by some circles of Vokayans who still dream of the Uplift. It is as close to a dead language as they come.
The closest approximation is Latin. It has its own alphabet.


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