King Alexander d'Tunis

In terms of the sheer ability to command labor and energy according to the will of a single individual, King Alexander d’Tunis is one of the most powerful people in the world. He is the undisputed master of the Blessed League, and without him it is very likely that the Imperial Plains east of the Great River would fall to petty tyrants and anarchy.

Personally he’s nothing much. He wears a simple circlet of pounded gold, sitting on a throne of carved wood that stands a little taller than its neighbors. Nevertheless, his presence is commanding, and he has acquitted himself well considering the weight of his station.

He is the half-brother of the near-mythical Empress Amelia d’Tunis. He was the second son of the d’Tunis family, older than his sister by seven years. The d’Tunis were minor nobility in the Dunvales, controlling logging concerns in a valley between Grayhold and Mudberg, deep in the Dunwall Mountains. Nobody had thought them to amount to much.

When the Empress took the throne in 1209, he was the last living member her family. What became of his older brother, mother, and father are not known in detail, but there are many rumors. The most plausible are that they were assassinated; there were a great many dangers in the Dunvales at the time. Religious zealots on one side or the other might have killed them. The Viscount of Mudberg wanted the lumber to build his ships, and catspaws might have been cheaper than trade. Vokayan murderers might have killed them to destabilize the region. The Empress herself showed little compunction in killing nobles, and might have done them all in for reasons unknown. Gods know she could have. Whatever the reason, Alexander refuses to speak of it.

During the Empress’ reign, Alexander worked closely with Lord Christopher Halter (once the Marshal of Hauptstadt, now its erstwhile Regent) to administer however much of the realm Amelia did not tear apart. He was not well-liked among the Imperial court at the time, but that same court experienced a great deal of turnover during that period and both himself and Christopher were one of the few constant features in the landscape. It made them both powerful and popular among the few people that remained.

When the Empress never returned from Cascade, it was Alexander that announced, alongside the Grand Clerics, that she had ascended to the Gods to become Saint Amelia. He remained in Hauptstadt for six months after that, but as the country began to fall apart he soon departed the capital, trying to stabilize some of the larger regions against rebellion. Later that month, Lord Christopher declared himself Regent, and formed the Hauptstadt Regency.

When Alexander arrived in Drakenheim, the people revolted against the standing Duke and killed much of the ruling class, causing the event remembered as the Slaughter of Drakenheim. Alexander arrived to a city in chaos, and took command upon the request of the remaining population, pulling the weight of his sister’s name to restore order. He has remained there ever since, working with nearby principalities to formulate the Blessed League.

King Alexander d'Tunis

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