Ivan Vlasi

A mysterious man, Ivan Vlasi is the father of Luka Vlasi. Originally, Luka had been told, repeatedly, by his mother that Ivan was a disgusting sailor that had raped her and left her for dead, leading to Luka’s birth nine months later. Upon the violent death of his mother, Luka set out to avenge her, going so far as to hunt down his own father and murder him. At least, that was the plan.

He eventually found Ivan in Bastion, in the most curious of circumstances: leading the Silent, an underground demon-hunting organization. In the course of a tense conversation, Luka learned that his father was anything but a sailor.

Ivan Vlasi revealed that he was a mage of some capability. He had left Vokaya at a young age and gone to live in Atur in the direct service of a Merchant Lord. Living in that Merchant Lord’s house offered him many benefits, including access to the Merchant Lord’s harem. He learned only later that “access” does not mean “use” and upon discovering he had impregnated one of the harem girls, Ivan Vlasi was asked to leave. The girl in question was Luka’s own mother, who was thrown from the harem in disgrace for having become impure. Ivan never knew what became of her, and upon hearing Luka’s description of her life for the past seventeen years, became rather distressed.

Ivan hadn’t gone straight back to Bastion, though. Upon leaving Atur he returned to Vokaya, and was recruited into the Glass Ghosts upon the conclusion of the Battle of Cascade Fortress. He was now in Bastion to extend the reach of the Ghosts by creating a sister organization; ostensibly the Silent.

This changed Luka’s outlook rather severely, but the two did not talk much for the next month. The distractions provided by the Bastion Conspiracy were many, and while Luka was frequently active in the field, Ivan rarely left their base of operations. Before Luka could get to know Ivan as a person rather than a series of facts, a few events conspired against them. First, their base of operations was discovered, and Ivan began to allow his latent paranoia to bubble over. He eventually snapped and fled, disappearing into the night. Second, Luka had a serious conversation with another member of the Glass Ghosts about his apparent comrade, and Luka learned a bit more about the man who was his father.

The truth was, Ivan Vlasi was not just any mage: he was a necromancer, a field of magic declared illegal in Vokaya but heartily endorsed in Atur. Upon his exile from the Merchant Lord’s residence, he was shipped back to Vokaya in chains, expecting arrest upon setting foot on Vokayan soil. He escaped, however, and spent a long time roaming about Eastmarch until, twelve years later, his luck finally caught up with him.

His obsession with necromancy was more than skin deep, it seemed, and he continued to practice wherever he went, regardless of the risks. He was caught, and was only spared execution by the Imperial authorities by bribery and claiming Vokayan citizenship. He was finally returned to prison, where he remained for three years until the outbreak of the Neverwar. His prison, as it so happened, was in Cascade Fortress, and he was inducted into the Glass Ghosts at the end of the battle that was fought there.

He didn’t stay in the Ghosts forever, though. After about a year and a half of reluctant service, he stole a large quantity of silver and fled south, apparently to Bastion. What brought him to set up the Silent is a mystery to all involved, but as a dragonkin he likely sensed the demonic miasma that hung over the city. From there, perhaps he was willing to engage them provided he was safe from reprisal; a safety that didn’t last.

When he left Bastion, nobody knew where he went or what happened to him. But a month and a half later, he was encountered in, of all places, Grayhold of the Dunvales, serving as some kind of adjutant to King Audric.

Ivan Vlasi

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