This man was first met in a hospital, when he visited Aslan, Luka, and Ariadne. They had just been taken in by the city guard, but their fates were uncertain. He had a short conversation with the three, on the behalf of Churl, to determine what exactly happened. During this conversation, he impressed upon them his gentle but perceptive nature, and won their trust.

For the remainder of their time in Bastion, Gwaren would serve as a confidant, a guide, a counselor, and a protector. He was respected by all who knew him, and curried great favor with all kinds of interesting parties; people like Churl, for example. Gwaren was officially a mercenary on contract with the city guard, but he was treated like he was a decorated officer.

His past is quite mysterious. He bears the tattoos of the Adherent, and speaks with them as equals; yet he does not follow most of the tenants of their rigid philosophy. He is knowledgeable of a great many things, proving that he is well-travelled, but he does not speak of where he has been or why he was there. He speaks often of regret, and trying to move on from a past that haunts him, but politely shakes his head when asked for details. Worse, the few people who seem to have known him from this past openly distrust and disrespect him; while they do not hate him, they definitely don’t see him as wise or caring, either. So far, these people seem to include the Vokayan Princesses and no-one else. Mystery upon mystery.

Most mysterious of all, he also has an interesting tendency to know so much he can’t actually talk about all of it. There are times when, in mid-sentence, he would stop speaking, a surprised expression on his face; and then he would smile, and apologize. When asked about this, he would only say, “There is knowledge that protects itself.” Secrets, that remain secret by refusing to be spoken of.

It is by far his most infuriating trait.


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