Currency of Alsara

Northern Currency

Most of the North uses coins, and while The Vokayagora Zemla and The Empire have their own regional currencies, the primary coinage in use is Aturan, as they invented it first and have maintained substantial wealth for over a thousand years.

Aturan Favors

The Aturan coinage is based on the Favor, which is a silver coin roughly an inch in diameter, stamped on both sides with the mark of the Sultanate. In most of the world, these are known simply as Silver Coins, or simply Silver.

For convenience, there are coins worth more than that. Silver Marks are slightly larger Favors that have a hole in the center of the coin bored out and filled with gold, and are worth 20 Favors.

Below the Favor there is also the Bit, or Penny. These are scraps of iron which have been melted together and stamped on one side, often made from the excess while producing other products. They are varying sizes, though the ones that are produced en masse in Atur are worth exactly 100 Bits to the Favor. Most Bits have to be assessed individually to determine their value, usually using a scale.

Above the Favor is the Gilder, which is basically a Favor minted in gold rather than silver. Unlike Bits and Favors, Gilder are minted solely in Atur, and thus are only common in Atur and the Neck, and only really appear in any number in trade cities that connect to the Great River. Every Guilder is worth 100 Favors.

Imperial Currency

Vokayan Currency

Currency of Alsara

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