A humble traveler, weary of war and broken hearts.


Gwaren is human, with a complexion that seems Aturan mixed with something else that is hard to place; Imperial, perhaps. He is older, perhaps in his fifties or sixties, but fit for his age and quite active. His hair has grown to shoulder length and his chin is not often shaved.
Most interestingly, he bears the tattoos of an Adherent, even though he is not in the Endless Desert.

Gwaren is soft-spoken and calm, with a piercing gaze that is quite unnerving to those who are used to hiding things. He gentle in word and touch, though, so while his eyes might judge, he does not seem to act on it.


He works as a mercenary for the city guard, though how deeply he is entrenched is difficult to say. He has been seen about the Blackwall Tower on numerous occasions and is quite familiar with the other members of the guard, but does not wear their uniform or speak with their authority.
He was also introduced as “belonging” to Churl, but the nature of their relationship seems slightly more complicated. Gwaren at least seems morally upstanding, which flies in the face of Churl’s propensity for corruption.
For some reason, he seems to have taken an interest in you.


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