A mysterious and unnerving gentleman in black


Either an Elf or a convincing Half-Elf, Churl is a little bit short at around 5’1". His pale skin, dirty blonde hair, and vaguely green eyes indicate he has not exactly bought in to entire Vokayan principle of body modification; then again, he spends most of his time in the Foreigner’s District, so he may not even be a Vokayan citizen.

He tends to dress down, not exactly like a thug, but certainly not a respectable gentlemen. Unlike most shady criminal types, he does not seem to prefer cloaks with hoods.


Churl is your employer, or at least your once-employer. He speaks as an educated and slippery man, and takes some internal amusement at layering on subtlety whenever he asks anyone to do anything. He seems to work as a criminal of some capability, commanding other criminals and moving substantial resources to achieve his goals. He is frequently found at the Swinging Tankard.


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